Steve Sewall Reports: Yale Succession piece in the Yale Herald

"Reflecting on the Yale Succession" appeared today in the Yale Herald, Yale's weekly newspaper. Although Herald retitled it - somewhat misleadingly, since the piece is concerned with the Yale's succession's consequences, not its causes - the text is our February 20 revision verbatim. So thanks, Yale Herald and thank you, Bob Back, for helping grow and fine tune the piece over the past four months. Yup, that's how long we worked on it. Almost daily. To see it at the Herald, click here. To see it below, scroll down.

Travel tips. I'll be on the Yale campus at Ezra Stiles from March 2-7. Looking to talk with Yale people. Bob Back and I will be in Washington, D.C. March 25-29 to attend a meeting of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. Good group to test drive our CIA ideas.

Yale Succession presentations. Bob and I make them with lots of audience participation. Info will soon be posted at this site. Or you can email me here. We speak with folks from 9 to 90. Seriously. We'll be at the Oakton Arms Retirement Home in Des Plaines on May 12. Average age: 87. The Activites Director said, "Don't underestimate them!" We won't. At age 93, Richard Sewall suggested our book title - Yale and Modern World - after a long discussion last summer about the Yale Succession, Skull & Bones, and CIA.